Day 2: Collaborating with students from PUC and dinner at Los Buenos Muchachos

Katherine, Alissa, Julia, Elyse, and Javiera at PUC School of Social Work

Today was our second day in Santiago! We took the metro over to the PUC campus this morning to meet with the Chilean students with whom we will be working on our projects at the agencies. Javiera is the Chilean student for our team. We all introduced ourselves in the classroom and then began working together to plan our interventions for this week at the prison. Later in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to see two presentations from PUC social work students about different innovation projects that they completed.
Javiera also gave us a tour of the PUC campus, which is beautiful!
After our work on campus, we took the metro over to La Moneda, which is near the Presidential Palace and government buildings. It was very interesting to see this in person, especially after learning so much about the Chilean political context.
We ended the day with a group dinner at a restaurant called Los Buenos Muchachos, and the PUC students also joined us. We had a great time! The food was delicious, and there was also live music and dancing. Some of our fellow students and professors were even invited up to the stage area to dance.
We are looking forward to getting to know our Chilean team more over these next two weeks!

Written by Katherine Germak, Boston College School of Social Work

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